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These PT Books & Reports started the PT movement in the ’80s. They changed the lives of thousands of ex-wage slaves who have become “PTs”.

Take Charge of Your Life!

These PT Books & Reports
started the PT movement in the ’80s.
They changed the lives of thousands of
ex-wage slaves who have become “PTs”.

Secure Your Freedom,
Privacy & Wealth the PT Way!

Years ago, we got these questions from new PT readers.

“There are many PT books and reports around, are there any chronology suggestions that would make becoming a PT and navigation slightly more coherent for me?”

“I read many books on similar topics, but the whole PT idea is still new to me. Should I start by reading the original “historical books” in the Hill collection? ****YES!****, or should I jump right to Bye Bye Big Brother (I.E., does BBBB make the Hill set redundant or outdated)?“

***If you are short on time, read Bye Bye Big Brother first. Otherwise, bone up in chronological; order with the “Historic Hill Collection” first***

In the PT world, info can be outdated by new laws the day it comes out. If you want to understand how and why things are, and where the future will take you, it is a very good idea to understand the way things were in the past.

Older PT books are not meant to be up to date regarding all specific new laws and details. It is all “historic & timeless classic. However, a few of the books have got a facelift or new material added to reflect changes.

For instance, The Passport Report pre-dates 9-11. After 9-11, Big Brother used “terrorism” as an excuse to shut down almost all reasonably priced foreign 2nd Passport Programs.

That is why we still sell the “Historic PT Collection” by  W.G. Hill.

These books & reports started the PT movement in the ’80s.
Later, Grandpa's books and reports updated this.

But the old (or updated) PT books might be just what you need?

Can you afford not to become a PT?

Unlimited, untaxed wealth and the power to dispose of it as you please is one of the significant benefits of becoming a PT. PTs can work and be paid in full (without withholding tax or deductions) and then spend our earnings on what gives us pleasure. Until you become a PT, the range of opportunities denied you is inconceivable. We don’t miss the things we are unaware of. PT, the book, will raise your consciousness of the nature of freedom and the ways to rid yourself of all limitations. Most nations’ constitutions give lip-service to the absolute freedom to travel, but in practice, every government severely limits travel with a passport, visa, and other requirements.

By imposing restrictions on foreigners, most nations invite tit-for-tat reciprocal measures. Personal finances, currency controls, domestic situations, and job requirements make the freedom to go anywhere anytime just a dream for most people. Once properly equipped, the PT operates above and outside of normal constraints, gaining mobility and a full slate of human rights. The value of these rights cannot even be perceived by people who have never experienced them.

You don’t need to find a new country or displace someone to make yourself a sovereign. The PT need not dominate other people. He or she must only be willing to break out of a parochial way of thinking: the PT must be superior only in that small area located between the ears. We speak of the potential PT now in terms of wealth, talent, intelligence, and creativity. Who is this PT in the upper minuscule of the population? It might well be you . . . 



Does the source where you seek good advice have real experience and knowledge, or is he/she just another fraud or copycat stealing the ideas of others? Or worse yet, just making stuff up as they go along?

Doubtless, this slim volume will be imitated by the usual crowd of plagiarists. As they have never walked the walk, their advice will be mostly worthless. Unlike our imitators, your author Grandpa has been writing similar books and advising hundreds of clients for the last 5 decades. He has personally been through the wringer a few times & has emerged clean and dry and alive.

Fifty years of helping consulting clients successfully work through their problems have taught us a few things. We will be passing on this information to you here… Every paid-up reader who bought this & who needs additional personal help can get a short, personal E-mail consultation from Grandpa. Just send Grandpa an e-mail with your questions.

Fugitives have special problems. Now it is time to realize that in these times of universal surveillance, arbitrary arrests, kidnaps, special renditions, torture, prosecutions and even killings of citizens without trial, the rest of us share the same problems as fugitives. We must all learn to shield ourselves from Big Brother governments . . .

Brief Bio- He is a product of the world’s leading business and law schools. But Grandpa doesn’t care much for lawyers and accountants with or without fancy degrees.  He feels that (aside from highly visible active business owners) his clients will do far better without them. Grandpa has been a PT for over fifty years having retired young after making very serious fortunes in seven totally unrelated businesses. His books and personal services have been used by a goodly number of the world’s celebrities and  High Net Worth Individuals.

Grandpa accepts a maximum of 2 personal consulting clients per year. His current fee for two years of unlimited consulting is €15,000. A personal consultation is €2000 & deductible from the two-year fee. Clients can visit or contact Grandpa at any (reasonable) time;  get to know him personally and tap into his expertise and contacts. 

Normally Grandpa can and will resolve all problems relating to residence, citizenship, litigation, domestic relations, and/or the Six Flags. Most importantly, Grandpa will introduce you to reliable sources & keep you out of trouble, far from parasites and fraudsters.

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