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This Unconventional Guide is for seasoned entrepreneurs as well as beginners in the biz. Insider Secrets will show you how To Become Successful Anywhere In The World. The Insider Secrets is the Only Resources You Will Ever Need that will show you how to use your overlooked skills and how you can get into the mindset of highly successful business people. Do you want to learn the secrets that made many smart-thinking entrepreneurs become wealthy tycoons? No college degrees or licenses are required to build your Empire. Start today!

You Can Make Serious Money

Anywhere In The World Without a special

Education, Visas, Permits, Or Licenses

The author will show the reader how to become a successful entrepreneur. In the author's prime time, among others, high net-worth individuals sought his consultation on how to get into the mindset of tycoons. Many of them were already rich, others became very wealthy, and some became more affluent, while others became known household names.

You Can Make Serious Money  Anywhere In The World Without a special  Education, Visas, Permits, Or Licenses

What’s the secret?

Find a Need and Fill It

The Insider Secrets Self-Help Guide is for you if you don’t want a regular job, as it takes away all the fun and your freedom. What’s the point of life if you’re stuck with a non-creative job that ties you to one place, one boss, and one country?

  • Or would you jus like to have enough money to travel the world worry-free, and meet exciting new people?
  • Or live like an Oriental Potentate in a “developing” country?
  • Or build your empire at home?

Whichever the opportunity is you seek to break free, The Insider Secrets is your essential read to get you there. Usually, little or no money is needed to start earning money in your Entrepreneurship.



Millions of people do this every day at home or abroad, and the deals they make pay much better than working for a living.

You will also learn to add a new twist to lesser-known and already successful business secrets. Yes, you need some details, but those secrets will take more space than we have here.

And lots of other simple (yet little-known) ways of making a good living.

These require no experience and nothing you would call unpleasant or tedious work.

Build streams of recession-proof income…

Uncover hidden opportunities to make serious money…

Best of all  -- No Boss -- No office politics  -- No regular hours --

What’s more, rules and work regulations can be so strict in other countries, and it can take months even to get a work permit. As you are considered a foreigner who will steal a job from a local unless you have the legal right to residence, they won’t even let you in—legally.

We show you better ways to make a good living AND see the world… without being a wage slave. Most of them require no special skills…

One asset often overlooked by aspiring entrepreneurs is that as a PT, you usually will live abroad. Think about it for a moment. Of all the people you knew before you wanted to become a successful entrepreneur, how many are permanently or semi-permanently situated abroad? Or, putting it another way, consider how many people still need to live in their birth country. The answer is most people spend all their lives in the country of their birth. Five per cent of the people from reasonably prosperous countries such as the USA or the UK will move abroad. It's roughly the same percentage in countries it is more difficult to escape from — say, India, Bangladesh, or Pakistan. Approximately two or three per cent of the people there never escape. Yet many more people, incredibly wealthy people in high-tax countries, have a great desire — a dream — to work or live abroad for part of the time, or at the very least, to have an administrative base abroad.

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Reviews and Ratings of W.G. Hills' previous works

Reviews and Ratings of W.G. Hills' previous works

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Here are some questions you can use to note your thoughts while reading and answer below when reading the INSIDER SECRETS”.

  1. What makes you think DrInsider Secrets is going to be interesting?
  2. Why do you think "Dr W.G. Hill" wrote the Insider Secrets?
  3. Something you liked about it.
  4. Something you disliked about it.
  5. How did reading it change you or your views?
  6. What would you say to persuade a friend to read, or not read it?
  7. Summarise it in one written sentence.
  8. What was your favorite part of the Insider Secrets? Why?
  9. What was the most interesting thing you learned from the Insider Secrets?
  10. What would it be if you could change one thing in the Insider Secrets?
  11. How might you have written it differently?
  12. Do the Insider Secrets remind you of anything else you’ve already read or seen?
  13. Was there any mind-blowing piece of information you hadn't thought of before that you could use?
  14. Did the Insider Secrets change your opinion or perspective about anything?
  15. Do you feel different now than you did before you read it?
  16. What feedback would you give "Dr. W.G. Hill"?
If you have suggestions to streamline these questions for this specific PT report, please post your comment below, as questions are not "one size fits all"! Thank you for being so interested in our PT books! 

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